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March 28, 2014

5 Stages of Looming Layoffs.


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February 27, 2014

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August 21, 2013

Damn Those Money Sucking Vampires : CareerFuel.

What if you could make money just by owning a phone?

August 18, 2013

Raise your hand if you think there is nothing more annoying than getting a random phone solicitation call in the middle of dinner.

You’re sitting around after a long day of work with your feet propped up and dinner resting on a TV tray in your lap with the best television show of the week about to start, and invariably the phone starts ringing. If you’re lucky enough to have caller ID on the TV screen, or if you’re phone is nearby, you can choose to simply ignore those nuisance sales calls.

That usually is not the case when I’m kicking back. Normally I’m stuck with my feet up on a stability ball and the phone is a long way away.

So the other day while I was thinking about ways to take the financial burden off the middle-class, and I came up with a notion that would put the onus where it belongs — big business.

If Big Brother can watch every move we make, why can’t we turn our telephones into profit centers? Genius, right? We’ve all got phones. We all get random sales calls and charities inquiries at the least convenient times. So why can’t we start charging people to call us? With a little help from the phone and cable companies and the government this could put a little coin back in our pockets and help stimulate the economy.

Here’s how. First, each person who owns a phone could create a friends and family list that would allow them to register the incoming numbers that you want to receive. These folks would not be charged.

Next would be your own version of the “no-call” list. These would be all the others who are not on your list. The first call would be charged say 50 cents. The number of this incoming call would be recorded through the magic of digital technology and eventually a sliding scale would be created so that repeat offenders on the no-call list would have to pay an increasing amount of money the more times they tried to call.

For example, let’s say XYZ insurance company has you on its robo-call list, and they repeatedly call around 9 p.m., just when you’re starting your favorite show or some other leisure activity. First call, 50 cents, regardless of whether you answer or not. Next call from XYZ will cost them say a dollar for your inconvenience. And so it would go up to whatever level we cap the system at.

The trick would be the “limbo” people — those callers who you’re not sure whether you want to talk to or don’t provide information. I’d say charge them the first 50 cents and then find a way to waive the fee if you want to add them to your “OK to call” list.

The beauty of the plan would be that folks who receive the majority of these unwanted calls — Joe and Jane Six Pack — would benefit the most. They could receive either a lump sum check at the end of each month from their phone provider, or the money could be used directly to pay their phone bill.

Think of it as TARP money for the middle-class. We’ve all got phones, so this project is beyond shovel-ready. What better way for politicians on both sides of the aisle to put a little money back in the economy than by this simple pay-to-play plan?

But I’m not greedy. I’d be willing to share some of the wealth by cutting the phone company in on a small portion of the money — emphasis on small — to cover the cost of data mining the incoming calls and setting up the system. Let’s say 10 percent. And of course the government could have its 5 percent (with the majority earmarked for education spending and not pork projects). So the average family would be getting 85 percent of the net.

This all makes too much sense, so it will never work, you say. Of course, you’re probably right. But just once, wouldn’t you like the folks who disturb your dinner to have to pay up? I know I would.

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August 9, 2013

Believe in Your Mission; Never Give Up : CareerFuel.

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March 14, 2013

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What would You do to feed your family?

Barack, Joe: Thanks Helping Me Find My Career Sweet Spot

January 22, 2013

Dear Barack, have you thought about a White House blogger from outside the Beltway?

When I started blogging, I promised myself that I wouldn’t just write to be writing.

I had seen too many self-indulgent rambling passages that people passed off as blogs, so I wanted my work to be worthwhile should somebody stumble across it and invest the time in reading it.

Blogger Jeff Bullas reported that in 2012 there were 429 million blogs, according to statistics from From that number, there are 500,000 new posts a day and 400,000 comments are posted.


So in other words, thanks for finding me and reading my blog.

Because I am a job seeker, I pore through a lot of blog posts during the course of a day looking for new insights into perfecting the hunt and landing a job. Somehow my email has landed on a White House mailing list and amongst the random notes for growth hormones, unsightly hair removal and testosterone replacement was a note from Joe Biden that was titled simply, “If not now, when?”

Cool, I thought. The White House really cares about my job search. Barack and Joe are riding to my rescue. This couldn’t get any better!

Now I’m pretty sure I got on the White House email list because I have repeatedly attempted to get the president to send a recognition letter to my son acknowledging his earning the rank of Eagle Scout. It’s OK, by the way, son No. 2 is now getting close to becoming an Eagle, so maybe the White House can save some postage and just mail the two certificates together along with an offer to become the official blogger of the Obama administration.

What Joe was writing about was guns and gun control, but what I really wanted him to be spending time on is rebuilding our economy by helping people who have been without a full-time job so long they’ve either fallen off the radar or run out of unemployment benefits.

I don’t have the answer to guns and violence in our country. By I do see neighbors and friends fighting the good fight and watching their retirement funds and rainy day accounts slipping away as more burden is placed on the middle class.

Bruce Kasanoff recently penned an interesting article that we all need to take to heart. He suggested finding a sweet spot in our life and then pursuing things that fall within those parameters. The idea comes “Who Are You and What Do You Want?” by Mick Ukleja and Robert Lorber.

sweet spot

First, don’t be afraid to get messy in this exercise. First make ovals containing your strengths, passions and obligations. These should appear in a graphic shape like in fourth-grade math so that the ovals overlap.

It might take you two or three attempts, but ultimately the goal is to find where your obligations, strengths and passions coincide and build from that sweet spot.

I know most of us have this giant oval of obligations: Bills, taxes, rent, food, unexpected car/house repairs, the next shoe dropping, anything Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey said we should be saving for.

And it may take some soul searching to find out what you are truly passionate about. I know in my case I’ve let obligations stand in the way for such a long time that it is hard to let my passions show through for fear of not meeting my obligations.

Often times, societal expectations based on your perceived strengths can keep you from believing in your passions, and meeting your obligations simply serves to exacerbate the ability to dream and find the sweet spot.

So while I’m waiting to hear back from Joe and Barack about the whole White House blogger thing, I’m going to draw up some ovals and try to find that sweet spot. And if you have any influence with the West Wing, I’d still like those Eagle Scout certificates.


Must have been talking about finding your sweet spot and going for it!