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Yes I know a lot people don’t use the word “rungs”, but I like the word and hey it’s a great word. We should use it more often, it means : “A rod or bar forming a step of a ladder.” And I believe what social media has done is formed something,  an unprecedented opportunity (the step of a ladder) for people like us to extend and amplify our influence. You don’t have to buy time on television or radio. You don’t have to write a book or magazine column. You don’t even have to blog (but I do).

Now I’m going to let you in on the most important, and most often overlooked aspect of social networking: It’s not about selling. It’s about participation. It’s about being a member of a community, a tribe, a group, and connecting with people who share your interests.

Those that use…

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  1. Patrick McFadden Says:

    I so appreciate your kind reblog. Thank you!

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