Boomers Beware, OMGers Are Taking Over The World

Remember when there were just Baby Boomers?

It was group roughly defined by those born after World War II and right up to 1960 or 1964 depending on which historian or sociologist you listen to. It was a big group characterized by the euphoria of post-War America.

Since then we’ve had Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Next. Most recently, we’ve added the Millennials to the fold. This is the group that started coming of age as we passed over into the new millennium.

But step back Millennials, there’s a new breed of youngsters out on the horizon, and they promise to be bolder, brighter and more plugged in than any of the past generations.

While Boomers are being shown the door, welcome to the state Generation OMG.

Fun Mobility, a leading mobile social entertainment company has coined the term Generation OMG. And if U R Not into the world of the text, never mind. Obviously from the name, this group is composed of mainly teens — and the occasional 20-something.

According to Fun Mobility, the OMG gang is more plugged in to their mobile devices than any generation to this point.

The company’s data shows that teen cell phone data usage tripled in 2011, while voice usage declined an average of more than 100 minutes a month.

And with this group, it’s not all about the boys. Girls text 28 percent more than their male counterparts. Girls clocked in at 3,952 texts a month, while boys were relatively quiet at 2,815. Let’s see, I texted 3 times last month, so somebody did a heck of a lot of messaging to balance it all out.

OK, ready for the jaw droppers? Forty percent of OMGers use a mobile phone or device for more than four hours a day. Thirty-two percent use a mobile phone or device more than five hours a day.

OMGers said the four most popular things to do on their mobile devices are: play games, surf the Internet, text or chat and download apps.

So take heart all you Baby Boomers who have OMGers bumping into doors and walls while their eyes are glued to the Kindle, you’re just raising a normal post-Millennial child.



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