Nine To 5? Try 5 To 9!

Did you ever have one of those days?

My apologies if this sounds like your every day, but by my standards it was a dozy.

At 3 a.m. the alarm clock rings and I sit up straight and embrace the day. OK, I hit the snooze and start the process of getting out of bed. At 3:30 on the dot we need to be in the car on the way to Kansas City International Airport to take our oldest son to get on a plane for his high school choir trip to Italy.

For more than a year we’ve been prepping for this day. What started as a dream was about to become a reality. We’d sent countless checks to the travel agents. We’d used every method possible, including wearing our friendships thin, selling giveaway tickets to fund the trip.

So at 3:10 we started the process of waking the lad. First the gentle nudge. Next the lights are on. And finally the threat of leaving him at home from the trip did inspire movement.

And at 3:25 my wife came to the realization that no international flight would be complete without some duct tape on your suitcase. So we scrambled to find the handy silver role of salvation and put that snagged suitcase in its place.

So by 4:10 we were at the airport, 10 minutes late, but not the last ones there and still well ahead of the 5:30 departure time.

By 5:30 we’re home and wide awake so I decided to browse the pictures from the airport and post them to Facebook, which led to reading my posts and emails from two accounts and of course check in a little on Twitter.

By a little after 6 I logged on to the first of my two contract jobs and start updating the WXII-TV website. The nice thing about working for an East Coast station is a 6 a.m. start means a 7 a.m. start their time.

At 6:45 it was time to wake the other boy for the last day of school before spring break (re: yippy skippy. Joy throughout the land).

My other contract gig for the week is KITV in Hawaii. That’s four hours behind my time, so an 8 a.m. check-in is 4 a.m. island time. But it’s also a good time to get a jump on the day, especially this week when the islands are being swamped by some whacky weather that includes heavy rain, hail and tornadoes.

My Carbonite restore of the information on my laptop was running smoothly — slowly — but smoothly in its second day.

So the morning was running along swimmingly. Ran a load of laundry. Dishwasher loaded and launched. Internet down. Wait, Internet down. Does that mean the phone is down? Yep.

Track down the cell phone. Call Time-Warner and get the outages being experienced message. Sun spots? I’m going with that.

The Internet was back within 45 minutes but still no phone. So off I went to online chat with TWC tech folks. We tried the modem reset and a signal check but nothing. Luckily, just when we were about to schedule a service tech to come out I reattached the cords and clicked the receiver and there it was, phone working fine. Victory!

The Internet was back just in time to monitor #HFCHAT (hire Friday chat) on Twitter and even submit a question or two and some retweets. It’s a weekly ritual for most job seekers.

So one of the big pluses of my contract work is that not only can I update the sites, I also have access to analytical data for each one so I can adjust the sites as I see stories trending. Last week it was WXII’s turn to set a 30-day high for visitors, but this week it was KITV that was going wild.

Crazy bad weather in Hawaii this week was bad for the locals but great for the website. People were checking in to see forecasts, weather radar and to see pictures and videos of the storms and the damage.

By mid-afternoon, KITV hit its 30-day high and the fever chart for the week looked like a three-humped camel. So I figured a little schmooze time with the boss was a good thing, so I sent him some pictures and data for how the site was doing.

During a little lull, I got back to work on a Google docs presentation for a job interview on Monday. I’m new to the presentation program so it’s been a great learning opportunity whether I get the job or not.

With basketball and storms, there wasn’t much down time until late in the day. My goal was to be done by 5 so that I could take my wife and our other son to the bus to go skiing with the Boy Scouts in Colorado. But at 4:50 the email came. Tornado in Hawaii. Ten minutes later, we have a new lead story on KITV complete with a storm damage image.

So we’re up to the bus at 5, and they were loaded and on their way to Winter Park by 6 for three days of skiing.

I roll down the hill and back to the home. I’m thinking, OK an evening of basketball and fall asleep early.

When I get home I’ve got an email from another job prospect. Homework. It’s a job I’m really juiced about so I couldn’t wait a day to get started.

But also in my email box was about 10 emails from Hawaii. Storm damage photos. OK, it was well beyond my planned work time, but you know what, I’m here and they’re in need, let’s get it done. So I loaded a slideshow, linked it two or three places and populated it to a couple of indices.

Now it was time to dig in on the homework. I clicked the accompanying links that were mission critical to the assignments. First one is good. Next one, not so much. In the end, two of the four were OK, but the other two were false leads. But I’m nothing if not a problem solver, so I headed down the path of finding the right website pages.

I had promised myself at some point I’d get some exercise. So went down to the basement and hit the spin bike for 45 minutes. This gave me some TV basketball time and some time to let the homework ideas percolate.

Lunch had been a PB&J and dinner would be frozen pizza at 9. In the meantime, I got busy with the homework by brainstorming ideas. For this job you need to not only think outside the box, you need to have an eight-sided box to begin with before even beginning to claw your way outside of the box.

So KU came and went in the background. Missouri started. I’m still finding websites and building submissions. Hopefully what sounded good in my sleep-deprived state at 10 p.m. will still sound good in the light of day.

Sometime between 8:30 and 9 I got another email from Hawaii. The National Weather Service had confirmed a tornado, and just as quickly there was a two-line update to my previous story.

Finally at 10:45 my head hit the pillow. Ron White was on TV. I love Ron White, but he does look like the poster child for a man who has every reason to die of a heart attack in his sleep. But I still love him.

My next recollection was 6:30 Saturday morning and the dogs wanting out.


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