How About A Business Trip Without Leaving Your House?

Dear diary,

Sorry I haven’t been able to update you, but I’ve been on vacation.

Well, more of a working vacation than a play vacation.

In the past week I’ve been to the East Coast and Hawaii. I know you like where this is going — out of the gloom and rain of the Midwest winter and into the sunny climbs of Hawaii and North Carolina.

But this was more of a staycation than a vacation.

You see I made my trips without leaving the comfort of my home. That’s right, work travel without leaving the old homestead.

We live in a great interconnected world these days. Where once jobs required you to be on the spot, the tasks can now be done remotely via the Internet — and thanks again Al Gore for inventing it.

For the past week, I’ve spent time as a virtual editor for two websites. Basically that means I have access to their content management systems, and the content suppliers send me emails, instant messages and phone calls to update their sites.

When I was a print journalist, our biggest fears were that jobs were being outsourced to other countries. It had us running scared at the thought that we’d be replaced by writers and editors in far off places.

Now that I am that far off place, it doesn’t seem quite so scary. Skype, webmail and phone calls have reduced the need for face-to-face contact.

But don’t go thinking I would turn down a trip to the islands, especially if somebody else is paying the freight. I could use some beach time and a few of those fruity adult beverages with the little umbrellas in them.

Perhaps the best a virtual editor can hope for is a Pinterest pane filled with pinned up pictures of exotic vacation spots, or at least warmer vacation spots.

Fear not, I did make one trip this week. That’s right, when the laptop needed a system restart I moved from the kitchen to the living room while Carbonite has been rebuilding my hard drive.

No little umbrellas here, just the clickety clack of my computer keyboard.


PS — If you like this blog, share it with a friend, or a virtual friend.


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