Sometimes A Job Seeker Can Be Just Right

Once upon a time there was a job seeker who was roaming the forest and came upon a house in the woods and so he decided to take a look inside.

The job seeker was hungry, so he looked around the house for something to eat. On the kitchen table he found three bowls of porridge, so he decided to give them a try.

The first bowl was too complicated. He didn’t have the technical skills to master the high-tech spoon that someone had left behind so he wasn’t able to try the porridge. He knew it would be good, but the new technology was prohibiting him from taking part in the delicious porridge

So the job seeker was even hungrier when he tried the next bowl. Or at least he thought he was going to try the next bowl. But the porridge was old, and he wanted new and fresh porridge — maybe something right out of the porridge pot on the stove. He knew old porridge could be delicious if only given a chance, but new porridge would be fresh and chances are it wouldn’t be bitter.

By now the job seeker had grown both weary and hungry, but he soldiered on to the third bowl that had been left out. To the job seeker’s good fortune there was no complicated spoon to prohibit him from trying the porridge. And the porridge itself wasn’t too hot or too cold, or too new or too old. It appeared to be just right so he ate heartily and was happy that he had been patient and tried the third bowl.

Sometimes with jobs and job seekers, there is a just right opportunity that is worth waiting for.


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