Where Have All The People Gone?

One thing my recent job search has taught me is that the world has been turned upside down over the past four or five years.

This is witnessed by the fact that so many of the people that I knew in the photojournalism industry are no longer there. As I’ve been building up my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter presence, I’ve noticed that many of the names that once held positions of prominence at prestigious publications have sought refuge in other industries or are nowhere to be found at all.

Many of us have taken the leap into online media, website editing and other endeavors. Some have tapped into their inner entrepreneurial skills and opened their own freelance photography or website management businesses.

The more I look, the more different places I’ve found people. Some have turned to teaching and other associated jobs in academia. Others have simply turned to academia and are working on that master’s degree or doctorate they’ve put off for years.

Still others have said to heck with it all and found refuge inside of big business in one way or another.

In some ways it’s a sad time to see all my friends and colleagues from the National Press Photographers Association and various publications scattered to the four winds. These were great journalists with countless accolades. These were the best and brightest of their time.

But in another way it’s great to see how many people have found a way to translate a journalist’s skill set into other walks of life. As cliché as it is to say, change is the only constant and that is the key to survival in today’s new world where the challenges are plentiful for everyone.


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