There’s More Than One Way To Present Reseme

The great thing about the media era in which we live is that every day you learn something new. The frightening thing about the media era we live in is that every day you learn something new.

Monday night I spent time on a virtual career fair at It’s a weekly event that blends a conventional website with Facebook posts and Twitter feeds. The virtual meet up seems to be a good place to exchange ideas, gain job leads and just feel like you are not alone in the job searching process.

Along the way, a couple of new online resume ideas were shared. The first was a kind of — for lack of better terminology — glitzy graphics-driven site built in You can see an example at

Another was an even more graphics-based resume style from Hagan Blount ( It’s an interesting concept that makes a person’s resume really stand out in the crowd, but I’m guessing traditionalists will have some real issues with his style.

But the great thing is you don’t have to have just one resume. Today’s technology offers you the opportunity to explore several different avenues for displaying your resume and portfolio.

Keep in mind, however, that regardless of the format you use the basics remain the same. Spelling, punctuation and grammar can’t be replaced by glitzy graphics and flashy design, so be sure to put your best foot forward.



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