Never Too Late For Your ‘Dah’ Moment

My “dah” moment came sometime over the last weekend.

Here I was chasing after a job as an online content editor, yet I didn’t have an online portfolio. Maybe it was laziness. Maybe it was the daunting task of running down clips from yellowing string books (raise your hand if you remember string books) and boxes of old prints and newspapers.

But a tweet on the Hire Friday Chat (#hfchat) last week set the wheels in motion. Someone mentioned that they had built a portfolio on Weebly.

Now I’ve spent a ton of time on the proprietary content management system designed by my former employer, Internet Broadcasting. I’ve spent hours listening to lessons about using Dream Weaver (not glossy look in my eyes).

I plunged into Word Press to build this blog.

And I even spent about a week doing Drupal training using a blend of and some YouTube videos that a friend had produced for his university.

But I had never jumped in with both feet and went for it. I figured it’s a new year and time to come up with another piece to the puzzle in my job hunt, so I’ve spent the past three days finding, scanning, shooting and prepping content for my online portfolio.

Along the way, I added Weebly skills to my resume. OK, it wasn’t difficult, but that’s the beauty of many of the website-building programs today. Easy in, and easy to get a site up and going.

So far the feedback has been good. I’m sure I’ll learn a ton more about content and search ability, but so far it’s been nice to be able to send out a link for a site that shows my writing, editing, design, Web, photo editing and photography skills.

I just with my “dah” moment would have come a lot sooner.




2 Responses to “Never Too Late For Your ‘Dah’ Moment”

  1. Shelly Kramer Says:

    I’m proud of you for having that “dah” moment – and doing something about it. Even though you may feel as though you’re the last person on the planet to do it, I can promise you that you are still way ahead of most other people. I encounter people on a daily basis who have no idea of the importance of “owing” a spot on the web, planting your flag and being able to not only tell people what you’re good at, but also to show them. So glad you reached out to connect on LinkedIn … it led me to your blog, which is a glimpse inside your brain … and I’m glad to have the chance to get to know you. Albeit virtually.

    Hang in there – I have every confidence you’ll find your next adventure. In no time.

    My suggestion … join the Kansas City Social Media Club. Also, follow Mark Van Baale’s blog about jobs … I’ll try and find and send you a link.

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