Website Consulting, What’s It Worth?

OK, raise your hands if this is you. It’s 2003 and you’re a business owner and you’re sitting in a conference where the speaker at the podium says you need to have a website, so you rush home and tell your underlings to get busy.

So those same underlings go out and scramble to find a website builder and they end up hiring somebody’s nephew who has building sites in his basement. The site has the company logo and a picture of the owner. It even has some Skittles that when clicked upon actually open other pages of the site with pictures and descriptions of the products that the company sells.

Ah, success. Your company is on the Web. Let the dollars roll in.

Eight years later, your site looks the same; dated, clunky and not a great user experience. Folks have complained from day one that they can’t find the company’s telephone number or mailing address. It’s hard to do business if they can’t find your building.

Customers also say they can’t tell from the home page what your business sells. But the Flash graphic looks nice.

And worst of all, the computer kid you hired to build the site can’t spell for beans. It’s little wonder he was on double secret probation at good old State U. What he lacks in spelling he makes up for in bad grammar.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could come in and troubleshoot your site? If the person could proofread the copy; test the links; make sure that the average user has a successful experience using your site?

So maybe I’m dipping my toe in the consulting waters here, but I’ve seen countless websites with bad grammar and spelling; links to nowhere; dead pages and most importantly, no address or phone number. So I’m trying to gauge if there would be an interest for such a service and what people might pay.

I’d also provide help for job seekers who are looking to build stronger resumes and need a boost when it comes to using social media to aid in their job hunt.

Let me know what you think.


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