Close, But No Cigar

One of the great things about job searching is that it makes you question everything you do. Did I send too much? Did I send too little? Could I really do the job if it were offered? At what point do you stop the search for a job in your field and just accept something to pay the bills?

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s better or worse to be landing interviews. When you get that email or phone call telling you that someone is interested in meeting with you it’s a true adrenaline rush. And then when you actually go to the interview there is another rush of emotions.

You constantly ask yourself how you did. Was there enough eye contact? Did you respond to the questions correctly? Were you what they were looking for?

One of the things I find myself doing is using LinkedIn to see first who at the company is on LinkedIn and can I make a connection. And secondly, is anyone from the company checking my online resume. There again, there’s a job-seeker’s rush that you get when someone has in fact checked you out. It’s as if you have been confirmed as a true candidate.

I know in my logical mind that getting in for the interview is a great thing. But being that close to being reemployed and then getting the Dear John call or email can be disappointing. It’s close, but no cigar.


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