Who’s Got Recession Fever?

Call it recession depression or recession fever, but whichever it is I see a lot of it as I travel about doing my daily routines or talk with friends and neighbors.

The most telltale sign is that worried look that people constantly have on their faces. You know the one that comes from living in constant fear that this might be your last paycheck. I don’t know anyone whose face hasn’t aged five years in the past two.

And even if they don’t live with that fear, people are holding onto their belongings longer. Folks who used to trade cars every couple of years or so are now paying to have their old cars repaired rather than trade them in for new ones. Myself, I’m nursing two 10-plus-year-old cars for as long as I can.

I’ve had a theory for some time that when and if the recession ever truly lifts that we’ll see this giant stream of appliance buying. Just like cars, I think people are hanging on to their major appliances and nursing them back to health rather than buy new. I know the last time our dryer conked out it was Craigslist to the rescue. A $50 machine is still running (knock wood).

So I don’t know if it’s just a recession depression or a full recession fever. But I do know that there isn’t a street in our neighborhood that hasn’t been touched by multiple layoffs, foreclosures and just general fear about the future.



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