Is This The Last Generation?

One thing about being at home doing a job search, it gives you way too much time to watch business news on television.

Depressing is one word that comes to mind. I was reminded the other day by one of the on-air personalities that our children might be the first generation to not have it better than their parents.

The American dream of owning a house, a car and making a comfortable living might just be going away.

We’ve always tried to teach our children to live within their means, but I think this prolonged recession is teaching them a lot about living without.

I fear that many Americans have caught a recession fever by living so long with uncertainty — uncertainty of jobs, medical needs and about the future. You can tell the worries of everyday life are weighing heavily on most of our friends and neighbors.

I hesitate to say that their isn’t a block in America that hasn’t been affected by at least one person being laid off.

Wish I had better news today, but all that cable TV has me singing the blues.


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